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i'm hadley.



The James M. Cox Community Journalism Award

Piedmont College, 2020

Dean's scholar

Piedmont College, 2020- 2021

Best Investigative Reporting

Georgia College Press Association, 2020

Best Campus Community Service: Editorial

Georgia College Press Association, 2019-2021

College and University Prize

Academy of American Poets, 2018

The Trillium Prize

Piedmont College, 2018

Dean's list

Piedmont College, 2018-2021

There are three things to know about me: I am passionate, occasionally too ambitious for my own good, and I would do anything for my cat.

     I started my career in journalism when I was 12 years old, throwing myself whole-heartedly into to my middle school newspaper, and then getting myself (underhandedly) removed from the high school paper for my very first investigation. When I joined my college paper, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

     By my sophomore year, I was covering a lawsuit my private college didn't want me digging in. That suit had me running across Habersham County to search through court documents, on the phone with the SPLC, and on an IV drip of coffee-- all while balancing 17 credit hours and being a newspaper section editor.

    In my junior year, I took home the first place award in investigative journalism from the Georgia College Press Association from my work on that case, as well as managed to help the Piedmont Roar win best campus community service in opinions and editorials.

     Now Habersham brought me on their news team my junior year following the conclusion of the Roar's coverage of the Wainberg lawsuit. I've been a reporter with them since November 2019, covering the COVID-19 pandemic, politics and elections, and pressing community issues. For my work there, as well as my work on the Roar, I received the James M. Cox Community Journalism Award in 2020.

     In my time with community journalism, may that be for a community of college students or the people in Northeast Georgia, I've learned how essential reporting is for the people. I believe that it is my duty to tell stories and to give the people a platform for their voices. I have the ability to bring the struggles people face (that might otherwise go unseen) to the public eye, and I take that seriously. 

     No matter how uncomfortable, how inconvenient, every story deserves to be told, and every voice deserves to be heard.


(this is my cat. his name is stinky.)

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